Supporting DogArt by donations and sponsoring

For the envisioned DogArt exhibitions in Europe, Asia (China) and North America, DogArt requires an enthusiastic team and financial support. Therefore, we are looking for:
• Artists providing dog-themed paintings to the exhibitions
• Public sectors, companies, banks, organizations and the general public to participate
as local hosts and organizers
• General assistance of all kind at the hosting location or as part of our team
• Municipalities, companies, banks, private individuals and others providing financial support to the project

What is in for you?

The new territorial dimensions provide artists a special opportunity of being appreciated and recognized by people with very different cultural views. DogArt on three continents offers equally great perceptions and new art experiences to local visitors and the public, both at the local exhibitions and beyond. Sponsors and investors in the project are enabled to connect their name with well renowned artists and art exhibitions.

Many thanks

Dr. Dr. h.c. Hans-Joachim Koch und Heidi Mollwitz
Founders of DogArt