About DogArt

DogArt is a unique series of outdoor touring art exhibitions on the theme of dogs.

The exhibitions show up to 28 large format acryl/oil paintings on wood (2 meters by 1.25 meters). The paintings are mounted on heavy iron easels. They are protected against rain and snow by varnish enabling them to be exhibited under the open sky all around the year.

DogArt exhibitions are shown in public parks, in the vicinity to modern art buildings, at historical or other interesting places. Usually the exhibitions can be visited for 3 to 5 weeks at one location, sometimes for a shorter period, before they are moved to another place.

The first DogArt exhibition series was opened in June 2010. Three more exhibition series followed in 2011, 2012 and 2013, each with a different motto and new paintings. The paintings are made by the artists exclusively for the annual DogArt exhibitions.

Since its first opening a total number of 31 artists from Germany, Luxembourg, Iceland, India, China and France contributed with over 70 paintings to the proud number of 20 DogArt exhibitions all over Germany.

It is envisioned to present DogArt in the future also in other European countries, in Asia (China) and North America. The new territorial dimensions provide artists a unique opportunity of being appreciated and recognized by people with fundamentally different cultural views. DogArt on three continents offers equally great perceptions and new experiences to local visitors and the public, both locally as beyond.

Companies, banks, all types of organisations, public sectors and private persons are invited to participate actively in the organisation of DogArt, be it by supporting its mother organisation, the Animal in Art Foundation for the Promotion of Illustrating Animals in Art (represented by ART'N'PARK) or by assuming the local hosting organisation of DogArt.

Donations and personal support are wanted and most welcome!

ART"N"PARK organizes open-air art exhibitions (DogArt) and is part of the Animals in Art Foundation for the Promotion of Illustrating Animals in Art, a non-profit company.